Hi, does anyone here used spray.bike on a steel frame? Any good? Long term?


  • I used it on an aluminium frame.

    Completely stripped original paint off, cleaned and first used the primer, then painted needed about 1.5 cans from memory. I did put a lot of time in preparing the frame properly but it paid off

    Have to say got really good results - even coating with no runs, and paint was quite robust (not as good as the original) but resistant to knocks, dirt etc

    Experience of doing the same with a rattle can 30 years ago made me nervous of what I'd end up with but the results were orders of magnitude better

    I'd use again no question
  • dannbodge
    dannbodge Posts: 1,152
    Horrible powdery rubbish finish stuff unless you stick a load of clear over the top.

    I've seen a few bikes done with it and they look and feel terrible. I got a better finish with the cheapest aerosols I could find (£7 a can)