27.5 QR rear axle setup how to!!

Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone can help with a set up.

I’ve recently picked up an older Specialized Pitch, looking at it it’s been diy updated and painted. With an 8x1 speed. I plan to update to an XT 10x1 that I have.

When I place the wheel in the dropouts the smallest cog is very close to the frame and it looks like the wheel is not central in the frame. So I’m thinking maybe the previous owner has replaced the axle and installed wrongly.

Can anyone point me to anywhere that explains standards, how to’s sizing standards and/or anyway to check. Appreciate any guidance and help.



  • me-109
    me-109 Posts: 1,915
    Could be the spacers on the hub have got mixed up and are in the wrong sides.
  • Do you have a pic ,only thing it can really be is the spacers ,if its been replaced it might be in opposite way

  • I have this one which shows 2 spacers on one side and I’m sure there are my one on the other, I guess it could be this but from memory I think the same amount of thread is exposed of the axle.

    Any help is appreciated and I’ll take some more pics today..
  • mully79
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    My memory says specialized may or may not use asymmetric chain stays. That would mean a zero dish wheel would sit in the right place but a normal wheel would sit off to one side.