Dynamo hub lights on a road bike.

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Being totally fed up with battery lights and USB chargers, I've decided to get a dynamo front wheel for my road bike.

For the front, the busch-müller IQ-X seems like a good option, but does anyone know the best way to mount it on a road bike (with carbon forks, rim brakes and flimsy clip-on mudguards)? Is it possible to mount a light to the same bolt which holds the front brake? Or alternatively on the handlebars, it isn't even clear to me if this light comes with a handlebar mount. It isn't in the product description, but it is shown in the manual.

Finally, are all the wires and connections needed to attach it to the (shimano) dynamo included with the light, or do I need something else?

And for the rear, I understand that the front light comes with a connection to power the rear light, is this correct?

Sorry for the barrage of questions, any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • pep.fermi
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    Sorry not exactly answering your questions but...

    Installing dynamo hub lights on my hardtail commuter some years ago was a good decision. Never mind my fav LBS tried to discourage me (why? still no idea).

    I have the front light mounted on the handlebar (pity my front light didn't come with a mount, had to make one myself), and the rear one on the rack. Never had a problem in several years.
    For the front light, perhaps you can attach it using the screws already there holding the handlebar to the stem.
    I don't think you'll have to buy any extra wiring, it should all come together (maybe apart from the mount).
    Yes, one dynamo hub delivers more than enough power for front and rear light, power cable goes from hub to front light, and another power cable from front light to rear one. Easy peasy.

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    looks like mounting on the bars uses an optional extra bracket https://www.bumm.de/en/products/mehr/gruppe/Mounting brackets.html

    section 6.4 tells you about the cables https://www.bumm.de/files/Produkte/WEB_Anleitung_IQ-X.pdf

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    The busch-müller IQ-X is a very good light. My wife has one on her ebike commuter. It's got a great beam pattern and is good enough for unlit cyclepaths. I only make her use a secondary light in case that one packs up but it seems unlikely.
    Yes, you have to buy additional mounts. It's annoying as they are costly lights.

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.