Shamal wheels - safe to ride?

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Have a pair of Shamal Mille wheels I bought a while back. Rear wheel was damaged hitting a pothole. No cracks but rim was bent inwards. I tapped it back and sanded the rough edge at the time.

Used them for the Raid Pyrennean afterwards but not used since.

Thinking of using them again but on recent inspection the rim does look like the metal has some further damage, hard to tell if it is cracks or not.

Some pics of the rim. Hard to get too clear an image on close up.

Any thoughts?


  • seems fine to me. Try and inflate the tyre to something stupid like 130-140 psi... bounce it on the floor and see if it stays on. if it does, it should be ok to ride at 90 psi or so.
    Obviously braking will always be a bit juddery
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  • Cheers. I will give them a try and just keep an eye on them. I am just more concerned that if there is a crack I can't see, that the wheel could fatigue and fail.

    I know it is down to me to take the risk or not.
  • Worst case scenario, the wheel might at some point fail, but it's a rear wheel, so it's unlikely to send you to A&E. It would typically give you plenty of warning and any crack that you can't see now, will eventually grow large enough that you can see it.
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