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Traumazone - Russia 1985 - 1999

Has anyone been watching this latest offering from Adam Curtis? I'm a few episodes in and it's fairly depressing but fascinating viewing. Certainly makes you feel for the poor Russians powerless to stop their country falling apart at the hands of those in charge, the gangsters and those that saw a way to get rich off the back of the poor decisions of the state. It's like a project in how to run a country has been left in the hands of a group of kids where plans are rolled out and their flaws immediately exploited by those who can see where they can profit. A sorry and crazy story told through hours of often very odd footage.


  • verylonglegsverylonglegs Posts: 3,916
    I've seen three episodes so far I think. The back story is that the BBC gave Curtis their entire archive of footage from Russia/Soviet Union and this was the outcome. He chose to have no narration or music and just captions to tell the story, I guess to bring the events in the footage into sharper focus?

    I like the references to how far places are from Moscow, just to emphasise how big the place is. As you say, no wonder it is such a messed up place, having to sell basic possessions to buy food must have burnt deep as a humiliating experience.
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