Cipollini's Getting a New Chain Gang.

LUCCA Guilty of injuries, mistreatment and stalking of his ex-wife. Mario Cipollini, the former cycling champion, was sentenced by the Lucca court to 3 years in prison and to compensate the civil party for 85,000 euros. "I'm happy, justice has been done, they were difficult moments but now I can see some light", commented Sabrina Landucci, Cipollini's ex wife, sister of Marco Landucci, former Inter and Fiorentina goalkeeper and coach in second of Juventus.

The sentence of the court of Lucca goes beyond the request of the public prosecutor, of two and a half years.
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  • MattFalle
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    At least he'll have lots of time for Zwifting we suppose.
    The camera down the willy isn't anything like as bad as it sounds.
  • DeVlaeminck
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    I like the way his wife is defined in terms of her being the sister of the Juventus assistant coach.

    Not sure of the details but presumably fairly serious to get 3 years.

    Hopefully the sister of the Juve assistant coach can now move on without fear and Cipo can get some help.
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  • carbonclem
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    Do we think any old names will be rallying around to help him move on? A la Jan U?

    I reckon the help he needs will be weaning him off the 'roids.
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