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In casual/dress shoes I'm a UK8 / EU42. In Mavic cycling shoes I prefer the 43 1/3 size over the 42 2/3 size they do. I've got some Shimano SPD winter boots in a 43 and they're big even with thick socks, unlike the summer shoes. I have some winter road booties, maybe Gaerne, in a 43 and and they're ok if the socks aren't too thick.
I 'need' to replace my trainer shoes and fancy some Fizik, since Mavic have pulled away from clothing. They do a couple of close-spaced sizes, 42 - 42.5 - 43. Based on the above and general road shoe sizing I'm thinking a 43 would be a better bet than a 42.5. Anyone use Fizik able to shed a little light on their sizing?


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    If you can order from Sigma Sports they do free returns and are quite happy if you order multiple sizes to try and send back those that don't fit.
  • I wear Giro road and MTB shoes in a 43 and Fizik winter road boots and winter MTB boots in a 42. I also wear (most) trainers in a 43.
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    IF it helps, I wear 44 2/3rds in Mavic, and 44 in Fizik.

    I'd say you're highly likely to fit either the 42.5 or 43, but in your situation I would want both to compare.

    As mrb has already mentioned, Sigma do free (And very easy) returns, and if you time it right, the refund will be back on your credit card before you have to pay it.
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    I'm 9 1/2 in normal trainers. 43.5 in Fiziks.
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    Shoe size only tells you the shoe length. You need the correct width and shape as well. The only way to find out if a shoe fits is to try them on so you will have to order a variety of shoes, try them on, and send the ones that don't work back.