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Window Vents For Pantry

This is for the more serious DIY'er or builder types

Quick question - we have a pantry/larder in our kitchen that houses a washing machine and a seldom used tumble drier (condensing). The old window to the larder that opens into our lean to conservatory is just single glazed and permanently open, letting out warm air and making the kitchen cold. The larder has a door that we usually keep closed in winter as it gets very cold in the kitchen. We are getting double glazing put into the kitchen and this window will become an obscure panel. I was going to vent it with an extractor fan with humidistat but it seems like it might take an age for it to kick in. Basically I just want background ventilation to keep the damp away.

I'm thinking of putting in a vent-a-matic instead and adding some vents to the larder door to keep the air moving. It's a heck of a lot cheaper (£40 vs £110 plus electrician/wiring and stuff though I'd probably do this myself, being competent at such things)

Any suggestions? See pics of old window and larder door etc.

Many thanks

sorry about rotated images. I can't seem to correct it.


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,746
    Personally a couple of trickle vents if outside wall available and vents in the door as you say. You just need to keep the air circulation going to stop damp building up.
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