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Identify rear hub removal

Would you be able to identify this hub and therefore tell me how to removal this axle?

I found one video that implies you just whack the drive side with a mallet and it should come through. But do I need to remove the cones/nuts on the non-drive side first? One looks like a 19mm (outer) but I have nothing to grip the next one between it and disc mount.

It's a Specialized Roval MTB wheel, no markings on the hub.



  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,183
    edited September 2022
    Based on the video I had a Formula rebranded hub that looked almost exactly like that.

    I also only had one cone spanner so I took the non driveside 'end cap' off by turning against a big Allen key in the end of the axle.

    The hub axle itself was literally just a tube, (no inner shoulders behind the hub bearings) so it slid straight out.

    If it's the same as I had I can't see any reason it wouldn't slide out from the opposite side except it's just maybe a bit stuck.

    If it's slightly different with inner bearing shoulders/captive axle then hitting it with a nylon mallet would obviously push out the nds hub bearing at the same time.

    I'm assuming bearing replacement is the reason you're taking it apart? If so the nuts will have to come off anyway to get the bearing off the axle.
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