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Combriat Road Bike

davidofdavidof Posts: 3,020
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We've moved to a small apartment in Lyon so am allowed just ONE (1) bike ! For general riding, training, commuting.

Picked up this Combriat on the small ads for 50 euros.

Combriat were a Dijon based builder but any information has been lost in the sands of time. One of many builders who've disappeared. The frame is Diamant 102 tubing - basically some kind of gas pipe with non corrosion properties. Decathlon used the tubes on some of their frames but again not much information.

Hubs are Pelissier 1001, not bad. Tires are 23mm though, a bit narrow.

Gears are Suntour VX-S, not bad at all. 52x42 chainset coupled with a 5 speed rear mech.
I bought the bike because it didn't have the fragile Simplex gears you see on so many French bikes.

Brakes are C-Star, they are still making brakes. They don't stop the bike though, thinking new pads may be the way to go.

Tips the scales a little over 10kg.

Yes that is a bell, Lyon is very busy with cyclists, peds, cars, the worst are wobbly idiots on cargo bikes with cloth caps and corduroy trousers.
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