What chain for 3 speed bike

What sort of chain do I need for a 3 speed gear bike, with a internal gear hub, I’m thinking it is a single speed chain



  • Generally you need 1/8 or single speed wide
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    Measure how wide the cog teeth are. If they are over 3/32" then you must use a single speed chain (1/8"), if they are just under 3/32 you can use a multispeed (5-8 speed) chain if you prefer.
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  • Yes, you will need a single speed chain. It might be confusing because your bike have gears, however because they are placed in the hub your drivetrain is essentially single speed.
    1/2 x 1/8 is the standard single speed chain size where 1/2 is the distance between links, or pitch, of a chain and 1/8 is the width.
    Make sure that you tension the chain after replacing. I've found a good article here: