PTP 2022 - Road World Championships Wollongong - 18 September to 25 September 2022

The worlds have come around again and mark the beginning of the climax of our PTP season. A last chance to make a surge towards the top of the leaderboard (or slump to the foot).

After last year’s exciting week of racing in Flanders, this years Worlds head to a rather different setting in Australia.

You can find more details about the route and the championships overall via the official UCI site here:

For PTP purposes, we will be predicting the winners of the elite TTs on 18 September, the women’s road race on 24 September and finally the mens road race on 25 September.

Bear in mind there is a 10 hour time difference when making your picks so my commissaires don’t have to get heavy-handed.

Obviously there are several startlists that you will need to familiarise yourselves with but you can find them all via this link which is for the men’s road race initially:

I will try and update the scores as we go along but will have to see how the finishes match up with work/sleep etc. Good luck