Quest Vuelta highlights

Is it me or have Quest screwed up their Vuelta highlights this week. Wednesday they didn't show it at all although it was scheduled. Then on Thursday and Friday we only got half the program which started with a few kilometers to go and then finished abruptly as soon as the winner crossed the line and there was no studio chat. Perhaps the last two evenings had something to do with the Queen passing but there was no excuse for Wednesday. I seem to think they messed up last year as well.


  • carbonclem
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    I think they’ve been squeezed for time in case no one has yet seen all the episodes of salvage hunters , or if anyone cares about an old bloke and his interest in motorcycles.
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  • larkim
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    Didn't realise Wednesday was binned, but almost certainly the Thursday and Friday changes were to accommodate Lizzy W.
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  • dandl
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    I did guess that Thurs and Friday were due to national events but it did seem that salvage hunters got priority for some bizarre reason.