Carbon road shoes size 15 (EU51)

Hi there!

I'm new on this forum but not so new in the world of cycling. Therefore few of my cycling items already needs replacement. My shoes beeing first. 10 years ago I bought DMT Prisma road shoes but now they are worn out. The thing is that I need size US15/EU51. So far I have tested
- Northwave Core Plus 2 size EU50 - too small and to wide
- Shimano RC3 size EU51 - too soft outsole (not carbon)

I have contacted DMT but their answer was that they no longer produce shoes of that size. I also asked Shimano if they can provide one of carbon shoes in this particular size but no answer so far. At Bont they can produce custom shoes but the price is out of my budget (aprox. 950€).

Any more ideas which carbon road shoes in this size (EU51) are there avaliable?

Thank you for your help!