dura ace Di2 not changing properly

hi all
has anybody ever had any problems with dura ace di2 being very slow when changing gear...when i click to change up it could take a second to move and sometimes it doesnt ...i click again and it then goes 2 gears,and then at times it will only go to about the 3rd/4th cog from bottom and wont go any further..no probs coming back the other way though.front derailleur sometimes doesnt move all the way to move to the big ring as well and everything just seems so sticky and not crisp and snappy like it did when new...only 6 months old.

does it need an update of some sort ??

Lapierre Aircode 300


  • redvision
    redvision Posts: 2,958
    Defo check whether there is an update available.

    Also check your chain and cassette. I had similar issue last year and it was down to the chain needing to be changed. Once that was done it was back to super smooth changes.
  • 11 or 12 speed
    The new 12 speed had a shifter update due to it getting confused on a few bikes .
  • ibr17xvii
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    Not quite the same but similar - I had an issue with an Ultegra rear mech not changing property. It was hesitating for the want of a better word & sometimes wouldn't change at all.

    It was a problem with the motor & was replaced by Shimano under warranty.
  • Went to bike shop today and mechanic said there was a very slight bend in the rear hanger...straightened it and then an index and was good to go...not sure how it happened as bike was never crashed or dropped but glad its sorted.
    Lapierre Aircode 300