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Cassette spacer for 11 speed ??

Hi all, I’ve just picked up a GT aggressor with an 8 speed SRAM cassette set up and I’m wanting to convert to an 11 speed as I have an SLX set up ready to go. I’ve cleaned up the wheel and freehub body and installed the cassette without any problems, but the cassette has a slight wobble on the freehub body, while it’s only slight I’m wondering if it’s just play due to wear or should it need a spacer before in add the cassette.

I have added a short video hoping to show the play. Is it acceptable or would a spacer solve?

Appreciate any guidance


  • Grrrrr I can’t add a video, brb with solution I hope
  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,681
    That looks like the freehub body is moving. If the cassette was loose and needed a spacer, the lockring would stay still relative to the axle. As that's moving, the freehub has to be loose. Depending on the hub, that could be solved with a hub service or it could be new hub time.
  • Ah ok, many thanks for the help, I’ve tried to remove the freehub body but the but is different to what I ve seen before, usually a 12mm Allen key but this looks like it’s may have 8 or some sides, so I don’t have a spanner… yet I’ll have a look for one.

    Appreciate the help
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    Many freehub bolts have a 12 point fixing but the right size 6 point Allen key fits and works.
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