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HiTen fork vs Alu fork? Vitus Mach 1 Three vs Boardman URB 8.6

jsisidorejsisidore Posts: 123
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Will Boardman URB 8.6 have much more rigid fork? And does the Vitus Mach 1 27.5 wheels really "absorb the lumps and bumps of roads" better than 700c on Boardman URB 8.6?
Vitus Mach 1 Three
Boardman URB 8.6


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    An aluminium fork will generally be stiffer than steel, but that 'generally'.
    Its not the wheel that absorb the lumps and bumps better its the tyres, 1.95" (50mm) v 32mm on the Boardman.
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