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Looking for a 105 r/h 7020 shifter

Pushed the pistons back on my hydro 105 calliper to fit some new pads, only to hear a ‘pop’ and find hydro fluid leaking from th r/hand shifter.. After a quick call, dropped it in my local shimano service centre whom sent it off for a warranty return.. The waiting time for a replacement Shifter is December, which is unacceptable.. They credited the bike shop with 120 quid, but now I need to find a lever and I can’t.. Anyone know where I can get one..?


  • MattFalleMattFalle Posts: 11,644
    edited July 2022
    unfortunatly those are the waiting times atm (and have so been since Covid lockdown) so if you want warranty replacement you have to go with that.

    have you tried CRC/Merlin/ProBike/Decathlon/etc?

    loads on Euopean sites (tradeinn, rtc,) but you'll need a european address to send to for some of them

    alts - go Ultegra/Tiagra to get you back on the road?
    The camera down the willy isn't anything like as bad as it sounds.
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