Help upgrading 2014 entry Road Bike

Hi all,

10 years ago I'd forgotten how to cycle. 8 years ago, with a craving to get fit after many knee injuries I bought a bike and fell in love with cycling. The bike in question was a 2014 Geneis Equalibrium 00 (, very reliable steel frame bike.

Over the years we have commuted 100s of times together, been on countless day rides, Ride London x2 and even London to Paris. However the old girl is very much enjoying semi retirement on the turbo my wife and I use and I am looking to get a new bike, slightly more advanced albeit not ridiculously so, to take over.

New bike will largely be for commuting and the odd weekend ride, trying to keep things reasonable but key wants are:

- 2x22 i.e. 105s (I've only ever had 2x9 and with age think its time for extra gears)
- Lighter frame, ideally carbon (as thats what everyone gets right?)
- Disc brakes (told better for commuting/breaking in the wet)

Ideally dont want to spend more than £2k, with the cycle to work scheme that brings it down closer to £1k. 5 years ago I think spending more for more bike would be exciting but now I dont think I need it/will use it.

Basically looking for any thoughts/advice as I'm still a relative newbie in cycling, espeically when it comes to spec vs VFM!

Some candidates I've found so far