I hate Expedia

Wife and daughter were due to flight to Japan on 2.7, child got covid so they couldn't go. I called Expedia on 1.7, the day before departure, just to inform them they were not going to turn up, I was neither asking nor expecting any refund. I just thought it was nice for them to be informed.

Then and there Expedia guy at the phone told me the airline were issuing me a travel credit of (almost) the full fare, all done, nothing left for me to do. I could later claim the travel credit via phone, not possible online. Guy also said "you will receive an email, confirming your cancelation and your credit, within 24hr". Such email never arrived and I happily forgot about it.

Now we want to book the next travel. I just called Expedia and they tell me the "canceled" flight actually never got canceled, they will cancel it now... The departure was in the past, but the return still lies ahead. I suppose consequence of this (if it does at all happen) is that, at best, they will refund only the return.

Why the hell did the operator say to me "I have canceled your flight, now you got a travel credit", and 3weeks later his colleague says "your flight never got canceled"....
And I just wasted hours (yes, hours, not exaggerating) at the phone.

Very angry.


  • MattFalle
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    becsuse peoplefuckup. its human error.

    check that they still don't have the call on their recording system - the exact time and date of the call will show on your telephone bill.

    you my also be covered under consumer rights under EU or German law.

    have you checked your spam email folder?
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