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Adult Bike adjustments for an 11 year old.

I've bought my 11 year old a new bike, it's a bit big currently.
The bars are quite wide at 750mm, and the stem is 70mm.
What is the recommended length for bars, they seem to be a lot longer than 'in my day'!
If I put on a shorter stem then will it mess up the handling too much for him?
Finally, is it possible to get a chainguard for the Stout chainset that is on it?

Is Chain reaction still a good place to buy from?



  • phil485phil485 Posts: 364
    my 11 year olds are running on 30mm stems both mtb and road and seem ok. bars can be cut. slide the brakes and shifter in till comfortable and see how it looks. wideis good for steeri g though
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