Komoot worth it?

Hi folks,

Is Komoot worth it?

I am a fairly new road cyclist and am looking forward to a 2 week trip to France next week. I was thinking about using Komoot for directions for some longer spins so I don't need to keep Google Mapping.

Do people use it?
What is your experience, does it help?
Do people typically use it from their phone, watch or bike computer?

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  • joeyhalloran
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    I use it on my phone and then download the routes to my Garmin. I like it but there are lots of other options. Isn't it available as a monthly subscription? So you can get it, try it out at home for a week or two and then while you're in France. If after that you don't like it just cancel.
  • katani
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    I use it on my phone and then download the routes to my Garmin. I like it but there are lots of other options. Isn't it available as a monthly subscription? So you can get it, try it out at home for a week or two and then while you're in France. If after that you don't like it just cancel.

    The app is for free, but you have to pay to access a particular region or £30 for access to the whole world. It is just one off payment for unlimited time of use.
  • dabber
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    I like Komoot a lot. I map on my laptop and navigate on my mobile phone. I have the voice prompts on as well as I find it keeps me alert. I've used it both on road rides but at the moment mainly on mtb rides. I'm in France at the moment and have been for a few weeks. I've mapped some off road rides that have worked perfectly. If I've missed a turn it seems to generally remap fairly sensibly. I pay for worldwide maps and have downloaded maps relating to the area of France I'm in.... back in the UK I have downloaded roads local(ish) to me there... mainly Surrey and Hampshire.
    I also lke that navigation screen on my mobile allows me to seemlessly take a photo then return to navigation without any problems.

    I paid for the mapping offering when they had one of their price redction offers so not expensive.
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  • How much is it these days?

    I had the worldwide one for a one off fee of £20 when they first launched which is good value.

    I don't use it a huge amount just because I cover the same areas most of the time. When I am looking for somewhere new I do use it to find routes.

    The main problem is following the route when downloaded. If you go off course, my Wahoo loses the route and does not redirect you or pick up the route unless you literally get back to the route that Komoot has mapped. This has led to a few hairy moments of being stuck in an unfamiliar place with no clue how to get back on track!

    On balance I would still say it is a worthwhile app though.
  • PMark
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    Big improvement over Google maps for me, which isn’t very good at doing waypoints and would often take me on busy dual carriageways, even though I selected cycling.

    You can download the first region map for free, so just download for the area of France you are going to and give it a go. You can then use the website or app to download popular routes in the area.
  • molteni_man
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    I really like it. Has opened up routes when in areas different from my usual riding ( or walking) . Has been great when downloading routes to my Garmin as per Joey above. I’ve also walked using the directions directly on my mobile which were spot on. Has opened up routes on the South Downs for walking this way. I switched off the voice directions as spoilt the silence though ! Definitely worth splashing out on.
    PS - really like the Ordnance Survey which gives much the same, but only for UK.
  • slowmart
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    I used it for the south lakes which was free on signing up to the app. I accessed routes of varying length and elevation. I picked the most suitable route which was simply one of the most beautiful cycle routes I have had the pleasure to cycle.

    I doubt I would have found all the side roads and quiet county lanes without accessing Komoot and that’s having spent a fair time exploring the lakes.

    It seems a great community and the space for cycling apps is getting crowded with the associated noise of competition. So whilst I’ve found it immensely beneficial it’s something I’d pay to use again when exploring new places.
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  • Mad_Malx
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    I much prefer cycle.travel for desktop planning, which sends thé gpx file seamlessly to my garmin via garmin connect.
    Can choose road only or mixed (also gravel I think).
    Works ok on browser on Android, but needs 4g or wifi. I think iPhone app is about to launch with downloadable offline map tiles.

    Free version is great, but small subscription buys you ordnance survey mapping as well as euro maps like ign.. I find these fantastic, but currently need 4g.
  • navrig2
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    I have been using Komoot for just over a year. I got the global maps for a deal last year $26 and earlier this year 12 months of premium on another deal which was better than most of the alternatives.

    As above I route on my laptop or phone and save to my account which is linked to Wahoo. I then bluetooth to my Wahoo head unit. You have to be careful when routing that you choose road riding otherwise Komoot will take you on gravel paths and ferries - as I discovered earlier this week when cycle touring in Scotland. Thankfully I knew the Fort William area and avoided 3 hour wait for an unreliable ferry.