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Cycling in Rhodes

Hi all….

We will be visiting Rhodes this summer and wanted to get some riding in. Staying nr Rhodes Town.

Can anyone suggest decent road bike hire and also any good routes?



  • micaabmicaab Posts: 75

    Just come back from Rhodes but sadly didn't get to cycle while there.

    Did have hire car and saw just about the whole island and the southern part of it looked fabulous for a ride.

    Great coast roads, mainly quiet, all the way round from Gennadi down to Prasonisiou and up west coast from there.

    Northern part is definitely busier.
  • tourdrivingtourdriving Posts: 228
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  • ads77ads77 Posts: 57
  • gethincerigethinceri Posts: 1,480
    Been there loads of times. When it’s quiet, a loop of the island
  • mr.b-campagmr.b-campag Posts: 377
    Generally a pretty good place to ride. Iirc we stayed in Ialysos (just outside Rhodes Town) and there is a hill just outside there which is perfect for short-ish intervals if that's your thing - you should be able to tell from the switchbacks what I'm referring to if you look on eg mapometer. It's not that long but you can defo do a good workout on it. On longer routes watch out for the tourist coaches and Greek drivers (tho to be fair to them I see far worse on British roads these days unfortunately...)
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