Shimano road shoes

I ahve always worn Shimano road shoes in a size 46. but was in CRC today and tried on a pair of Shimano RC702 shoes in a 46 but they didnt feel right, not sure if i needed the wider fit of a bigger size, these were the only size 46 in store and had no wide fitting of any bigger sizes, anyone offer any advise before i order a pair online
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  • molteni_man
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    I ride with Shimano shoes ( 3 pairs in total currently). I’ve always found them to be ultra consistent in size across all models. I wear size 45. I’ve got the RC7’s which are v similar to the 702. These took more ‘ getting used to ‘ because of the stiff sole, but after a few rides same level of comfort.
    Other thought is that over time feet ‘ spread’ with age due to the arch flattening and sometimes people end up needing a wider fitting. Not sure of your age bikeit65 !