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Seat slipping problem

peg28peg28 Posts: 2
I have owned a carbon Canyon Endurance road bike for about 5 years, no real issues. 2 months I was returning from a long ride and I noticed by seat post was slipping. For about 40 miles I had to keep re-adjusting the seat. I later inspected the frame and noticed a small crack near the top of the tube , coming off of the rear cut out part.
I assumed this was the issue and send pictures to a carbon repair, who confirmed it was a problem. I then re-arranged a repair and my local bike shop recommended I buy a new seat post clamp.
This done, I set up the bike and tested it. I set up the bike seat 3 times and each time the seat was slipping after a few minutes when torqued to 5N. I took to my bike shop to see if I was doing something wrong and they got the same result.
I am taking it back to the repairer but they said that as as the repair was to the outside of the frame it should not affect the seat.
The frame looks repaired and I can't see why a small repair would affect the seat post. I would grateful if anyone has any advice or suggestions or similar experiences to help me move this forward?


  • trevor.hall12trevor.hall12 Posts: 126
    If it was cracked the opening would be slightly bigger due to this?
    Did the repair place clamp the crack to close it before repairing it?
    As the issue is still there it suggests they repaired it by filling the crack instead of clamping it before repair.
    The repair being " on the outside" also seems odd as you would want to close the space the seapost goes into.

    I know nothing about carbon repair or what they done, just my thoughts on it.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,593
    Stupid question, you are using carbon paste as you've not mentioned it in your post. Not everyone realises that you need to use it.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • MattFalleMattFalle Posts: 9,733
    You're using the right sized seat post, yah?
  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 1,534
    I had post-slip on a MTB I used to have. I think I had overtightened the clamp and that had distorted the seat post so that I could never get it to stay in the right position. It was fine an inch or so either side of the optimal so really annoying. A new post sorted it.
  • peg28peg28 Posts: 2
    Thanks all. Yes I used Carbon paste, I reapplied twice, cleaning in between and the shop I took it to for their opinion, also cleaned and applied their own paste. I'm seeing the repair company tomorrow and will see what they say.
    I am wondering if a new post is the way forward, but will wait for the repair shop's verdict tomorrow.
  • MattFalleMattFalle Posts: 9,733
    Have you a spare post you can try or can you borrow one from somewhere just to try?

    May well save time/frustration....
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