Di2 Rear Derailleur Problem - Can anyone help please.

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Hi all,

Looking for advice and opinion on what to do.

I had a bit of an "incident" which sheered my rear mech hanger on my favourite bike (2013 Cube Agree GTC SLT Di2). I've replaced the hanger but now it's apparent that my Ultegra RD-6770 rear derailleur is not at all well and it looks like the jockey cage is bent out of shape. Saying that I'm 80% certain that only the cage is bent and not the Di2 mech itself.

I'm certainly not an expert bike mechanic - I think I've got 3 options but asking for any advise on these or any other suggestions for getting this bike forward.

Option 1

Try and bend it back into shape. I'm gonna try and get it back into original shape, but I'm not convinced that will ever be truly aligned properly again.

Option 2

Get a new replace cage. I've looked around the sources and spares sellers that i know (e.g. SJS) but cannot find a direct replacement spare. Any other recommended sources for genuine replacement parts or alternatives?

Option 3

Get a new rear mech. Can't get that Shimano series any more. What I can replace it with that means I don't have to buy other Di2 components.

I've got another bike which i can use but i wanna get this one back on the road.

Help welcomed and appreciated.


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    This is from Shimanos compatability chart for Di2
    I would try swap out the cage first .easiest option .
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    Lots of oversize pulley stuff on FleaBay
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Have had first stab at reshaping it but although it's better, it's not right - jockey wheels not quite in line yet. So will give it one more go.

    I can't find any replacement shimano cages at all (p/n Y5XW98030).

    Not quite sure where to start getting a non-shimano oversize pully so will prob bite the bullet and get a new mech.

    Thanks for the compatibility chart. That really helped and looks like i'll also have to replace front mech as well.

    Might also give me a chance to go with a slightly bigger cassette.