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Hybrid Intergrated Headset Advice.

reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,183
edited June 2022 in MTB workshop & tech
Long story short. Bought my Buddy a Vitus mtb recently, it was stolen from his workplace yesterday. He's got a spare hybrid bike which I'm fixing with new forks (straight steerer tube) and a new headset.

Hybrid has been stored outside, all seized up so headset is toast as practically destroyed it to get the forks out.

This is my first time dealing with an intergrated headset. Internal headtube measures (just under) 42mm at the top, 52mm at the bottom. Current bearings are the cartridge type I guess, but they fell apart on removal.

Top section:-

Bottom section minus a race still in headtube:-

Could anyone confirm that this would be a suitable replacement regarding mainly the 45° shamfered angles (i.e. maybe the 45° angle is standard/common)? The races are in such a bad state I can't identify any etched dimensions on the sides to confirm for sure.

Thanks for any help, advice (and/or confirmation if possible).


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