Boardman MT29 freehub body


Currently looking over a boardman MHT 8.9 with MT 29 wheels

It's not done many hours but the freehub is done already ,it's just trash with loads of play .
It's a sram 12 speed casette that's on it

The access from the NDS with a long 11 mm hex is beyond stupid too

Has anyone done a suitable upgrade as I really don't want to put on whatever make this is back on .

Talked to Halfords and they say out of stock for replacement and can't really tell me a suitable alternative ,

Thanks in advance fir any tips or help


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    It's a pretty standard cheap stock fitted and often generic hub/freehub. Maybe a rebranded Formula or similar?

    No use researching for an exact brand match, your best bet is to carefully visually match the interface pattern where it slots into the rear hub, match the bolt size and bearing type.

    I bought a Sram 406 freehub that fitted using the method above. It was only a replacement (not an upgrade) for the sh#t stock Whyte branded freehub/hub which turned out was a Formula.

    Unfortunately that type of freehub with internal pawls are throw away/not meant to be serviceable and you won't really get an upgraded or better version of those types.

    To get a much better quality freehub would require a quality hub/wheel to go with it, (Hope, DT Swiss and so on) or there are plenty of other lower budget full wheel/hub upgrade options available too.
  • Thanks for the reply
    After a few calls to halfords I managed to source one .

    It was a formula DWG 137 ( 17)

    Has to be the dumbest ever set up .
    Needed a 14 mm hex to remove the hub and to access it you need to remove the NDS bearing ( 6902-LU ) because the 14 mm is so big .

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    No worries.

    Different to the piece of crap I was dealing with. My hub was really low end and wasn't worth saving in the end.

    Seems like you didn't struggle too much to identify and source the correct replacement.

    I guess your hub is a better version considering it at least has cartridge bearings. 😎