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I recently took my other, non squealing brake, Ribble bike into the LBS for some gear fettling. This was sorted whilst I stood there but in putting my bike back in the car I noticed a lot of play in the headset. The LBS tried a quick tighten but no joy so left it with them.

Picked it up the other day, LBS says there was a compression ring/washer missing which meant it wasn't possible to get it tight. They had a part that fitted and the headset now seems fine. I trust the LBS, they only charged £15 which seemed very reasonable and they have apparently solved the issue.

The bike is only 8 months old and I've only done about 700KM on it. The headset has never been off, adjusted or messed with in any way. I didn't notice the play before (but ...???).

I've contacted Ribble to hear their thoughts. They are saying it would have been un-rideable without a compression ring so must have had one. And yet there wasn't one and I had ridden it. Part of me sort of agrees with them, but the facts that I know don't.

The only way of reconciling the two is to generate some conspiracy theory whereby someone recently picked the lock on our shed and removed part of the headset to mess with my head :D

Anyone a less nutty answer?


  • trevor.hall12
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    Possibly the compression plug had risen up a few mm and stopped everything clamping together .
    A compression ring hasn't just disappeared ,that's for sure