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Bike rack too short


My wife recently bought a Whyte Pimlico and then picked up a Halfords Disc Brake rear rack (it has a spring arm for holding down items, that was her no. 1 required feature).

However, on fitting, it’s steeply titled towards the rider. The small arms that connect rider side of the rack to the frame are too short.

Is it just that this tack isn’t a good fit for the Pimlico? Or can I, say, but extenders to connect to the frame?



  • Need to check the rack is for 29/700c wheeled bike first. Also due to rhe MTB style of the Whyte Pimlico from the pictures I could see you will need a rack with long attachment arms.
    You might be able to buy longer arms for the rack.
    I ended up with a Bontrager Backrack to fit my 29er MTB which looks like it has the rack attachment in a similar place to my bike
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