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No_Ta_DoctorNo_Ta_Doctor Posts: 11,974
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There are bloody loads of them in the world tour peloton, aren't there?
There are Mathias Norsgaard, Mattias Skjelmose, Matthias Brändle, too many Matteos to shake a stick at and of course at least one Mathieu. Is there an actual Mathew somewhere, or just Michael Matthews?
“Road racing was over and the UCI had banned my riding positions on the track, so it was like ‘Jings, crivvens, help ma Boab, what do I do now? I know, I’ll go away and be depressed for 10 years’.”


The Vikings are coming!


  • focuszing723focuszing723 Posts: 5,689
    They're all turkeys though really, compared to the great!
  • takethehighroadtakethehighroad Posts: 6,236
    Matt Holmes is officially a Matthew
  • Same with Matt Walls. Think that's the sum total if Matthews at the top level
  • bm5bm5 Posts: 490
    On a similar theme _ Thomas De Gendt is tweeting each day on his quest to be the best De Gendt at the giro.
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