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Defy Advanced 2019 caliper adapter

Folks. I’m trying to convert my Defy Advanced to a mechanical caliper set up. I have tried 2 different flat mount to post mount adapters but no joy so far. Can anyone recommend one that would work. I’m fitting Shimano Sora Post mount calipers and the front adapter worked a treat. Picture of the problem attached - all help appreciated.




  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,905
    Problem looks to be the upstand for the post mount contacts the frame and prevents you fitting the adaptor mounting bolts. Correct?
    You could try a 140 disc so the adaptor has less rise, but it's likely that the caliper itself will contact the frame instead.
    If you want to go mechanical then you could get a TRP Spyre, for example, in a flat mount fitting.
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