11 speed crank, 12 speed chain?

I'm looking to fit a Sram 12 speed AXS etap groupset but want to keep my FSA POWERBOX 11 speed crank fitted.

Is the crank compatible with a 12 speed chain and Sram 12 speed front derailleur?

Thanks in advance


  • lesfirth
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    The best way to answer your question is to try it. If it works to your satisfaction that is your answer.
    I dont know the answer but i would not be surprised if it was yes.
  • whyamihere
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    Officially you need to change the chainrings. This is because the AXS road chain has larger rollers, so won't mesh correctly with the teeth on the chainring. There are anecdotal reports of officially incompatible chainrings working with an AXS setup though, so probably worth a try. Finding compatible chainrings will probably be an issue if it doesn't work because the Powerbox appears to have an unusual bolt setup, so if it doesn't just work you may run out of options to keep it.
  • the_jackalcp
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    As stated the official line is you need 12sp rings. Pretty sure your only options are Carbon Ti (££££) or Praxis.

    Unofficial a good number of people are in your position and run 11sp rings with no issue.
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