Long-distance tour Vilnius - Berlin [Cycling for Ukraine]

Hi folks!

In a few days, we are leaving for a cycling ride from Vilnius to Berlin with the purpose to raise money fund for Ukraine from cycling communities.

Kindly invite you to join the initiative by donating, sharing, meeting us on the way or organizing similar rides.

More information:

Slava Ukraini!


  • rob796
    rob796 Posts: 12
    Hello all,

    We completed the trip. Within six days, we cycled 1211 km, raised the sum of money, and had a chance to express our support for Ukraine publicly.

    Impressions? In my memories huge contrasts. The solidarity expressions with hundreds of Ukrainian flags in Lithuania. Restaurants and public places without music in Poland. And "life as usual" after crossing the Polish-German border. Frankly (and diplomatically), the realisation of reality differs a lot. Therefore I think every similar purpose initiative is meaningful. Leverage your strengths to help Ukraine.

    The story description with pictures and videos is here: