Unthreaded co2 cartridges.

So I was gifted the proflate 16. I assume this means I'm meant to use 16g cartridges? I have read that this model takes unthreaded but I'm struggling to find 16g version of these, I can only really find 12g or 16g threaded.
Can anyone advise the best place to get 16g unthreaded. Or am I ok with 12g?
Sorry, never owned one before and don't want it blowing up on me!

Thank you


  • oxoman said:

    I'm guessing this is what you need. Would appear there a multi use cartridge.

    Thank you. Oddly I spotted this one after I posted, although I read that unthreaded are meant to be less costly.
    Granted hardly expensive so if this is the average price I'll just go ahead and get these.
  • oxoman said:

    I'm guessing 1.50 a refill is a bit expensive. Planet x sell single threaded ones for 99p. I tend to buy a box at a time and that will last me for ages. Normally use a normal pump unless reseating a tubeless tyre.

    They only have threaded. Can threaded be used even though it doesn't have a thread in the unit?
  • oxoman said:

    TBH I haven't a clue as I've always used threaded and most heads I've seen just use the screw in ones.

    No worries thank you. More hassle than it's worth this freebie lol