Bora 35

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Thinking of buying some Bora 35 clincher (rim brake) wheels. I know they aren't going to make me faster, lighter, a demon descender but I like the look. My other Campag wheels (Neutron and Neutron Carbon) have been bullet proof and I've had them since mid 2000s. So I'm guessing some of you have or have had the Boras, are they worth the money? I know that's subjective. Not interested in the deeper ones.


  • Are you thinking the ultra, WTO, or one version?

    I had ultra some time back. They are a really top notch wheelset, the bearings in them are like butter, which I know is subjective as that is purely based on feel.

    My only slight negative, I had to true them on 3 occasions having hit small potholes (I am also very light at 58kg), maybe I just got unlucky, but they are a lightweight wheelset and not as durable as a set of neutrons IME.

    Are they worth it? Yes!
  • amrushton
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    Real world review right there. Somehow thought they would be more durable. Never had Neutrons trued. Didn't realise there were 3 versions, just Ultra and WTO
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    I’ve been using Ultra 35 tubulars since 2017. The bearings are as smooth as the day they arrived and the brake tracks are still ridiculously effective, wet or dry. They’ve never needed trued (I’m 64kg) but I had to adjust the preload last summer. That’s not an issue. It’s been done to plenty of my other wheels.