Proper chain cleaning



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    MattFalle said:

    Can of Jizer - 5l for £25 roughly, so dirt cheap, does exactly the same as Muc Off

    Apply liberally with paint brush - can goall over the bike with no worries

    hose off

    dry chain

    apply lube


    takes 5/10 mins max.

    NO NONSENSE HEAVY DUTY DEGREASER 5LTR From Screwfix @ £9.99 absolute dogs-bollocks. It’s a wonder-fluid.
    This stuff?

    I've always used Morgan Blue which is OK in the summer when the chain isn't that dirty but doesn't really do a great job for winter riding.
    That’s the stuff. I put chain in an empty ice cream tub. Pour just enough to barely cover chain then add some boiling water and agitate and leave for 30 mins. Come back and use old paintbrush over one side then the other. Pour away. Rinse in hot water and hang to dry. I put it in an old spray bottle 1:4 and use it to clean cassettes; chainrings; derailleurs; ovens; top of fridge; side of cooker; car wheels; tar off side of car sills; engines; chain lube off paving etc etc etc. It’s mega. Can’t stop finding enough jobs for it. Get some :)

    Quick shoutout to @photonic69 for his recommendation of the degreaser from Screwfix.

    Used it for the 2nd time over the weekend & the stuff is brilliant. By far the best degreaser I've used. Chain gets spotlessly clean with hardly any effort.

    I'll use it pretty sparingly though as I wouldn't want to get it into the bearings as it seems to be pretty gnarly stuff.