XTR freehub query

Hi all.

I have a Trek Rumblefish with XTR kit and I noticed that the rear wheel had some play in it and being utterly unqualified to sort it out I showed no hesitation in dismantling things to investigate. On the drive side was a silver nut with two faces for a cone spanner that tightens the 'wrong way' and on the other side was a black 'nut' with no faces for any spanner, that I couldn't budge. The drive side nut was loose so I hand tightened it and put the wheel back in and it was fine. However, this seemed a really bad design to me so I pulled it back out, took off the silver nut again to expose a shaft and I was now able to disengage the freehub from the wheel hub so that I could see the pawls and the ratchet 'staircase' thing inside the wheel hub. I greased the ratchet stuff and put everything back together and it seems fine. Is this the way it's supposed to be? What is the point of the cone spanner fitment on the drive side if there is no opposing spanner fitment on the other side? Is there nothing to adjust? It seems like the quick release axle is what keeps the whole thing from undoing.