Giant trance pivot bearing replacement

Hi. Is this bit supposed to come out to change bearing? If so how? Thanks


  • gtrich
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    2016 Aluminum. To be honest I have given up for now replacing bearings and just regreased them. Shame as thought would be easy. Probably should have bought proper Giant bearing tool or a compact one. It was the lower shock mount bearings were tricky and put me right off. Tool I got too big and will have to get some washers to fit right through other hole to get tool to work. Cheers.
  • gtrich
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    Thanks for vids. Really do want to change them and will have a go again. Although one of the seat stay pivots bolts rounded out which was even more frustrating, so dont know how will get that out. Was using decent allen bit. Probably have to leave it. Cheers.
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    On my old Trance X, yes you had to take those axles/pivots out to replace the bearings. Some of them were a very tight fit and required a mallet to get them out but I usually managed it.
    Try sticking the whole thing in the freezer overnight to see if that loosens it - the bearing is steel and the pivot is aluminium.

    I've cracked one of the retaining bolts in the past too when it was so stuck it wouldn't come out. I ended up buying a new set of pivots which come with new bolts.
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    Yes, that axle should come out.
    I changed the bearings on my 2016 Trance 2 a while ago and using the Giant bearing puller kit made it a doddle.
    I made a list of all the bearings needed so here it is it is helps you:

    Rocker/Seat stay: 6900VRS with lip (2 off)
    Rocker/Seat tube: 6900VRS (2 off)
    Rocker/Shock top: 698VRS (2 off)
    Lower pivot/Chain stay: 6902VRS (2 off)
    Lower pivot/Shock bottom: 6802VRS (2 off)
    Shock bottom/Frame: 6802VRS (2 off)

    I bought a set of replacement bearings from Kinetic Bearings.
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    Well I was having great success in changing the bearings as figured out how to do. It then came to this small one and the outer race stayed in the frame! Going to have to get a Dremel tool and cut out as delicate as possible...........time for a new bike think lol!! Anyone cut out a bearing and know if can get a Dremel disc that small? Will try this but might have to buy new pivot arm. Cheers.