Phone holder

Can anyone recommend a mobile phone holder that allows the phone to be used as a camera? I always take my phone for emergencies but use a Garmin for stats so don't need to see the screen on the phone while I am riding. I was looking for a bar mounted camera and it occured to me that I could use my phone as a camera if there was a holder that was stable enough and didn't obscure the camera lens. This isn't for filming altercations with car drivers, just to video some rides.


  • kesa
    kesa Posts: 35
    I think a Quadlock would work. I use Quadlock on my motorbikes. I think maybe 50000km over 5 years. I have had several crashes and they have never failed me. I use the out front mount and not the stem mount. I use the universal adapter and use Android.
  • dandl
    dandl Posts: 24
    Cheers, I'll have a look.
  • navrig2
    navrig2 Posts: 1,851
    Might be worth checking that phones have the same image stabilisation software/hardware as the likes of GoPro otherwise the quality may be a bit poor.