Wahoo or Hamerhead

In the market for new computer hence the question TIA


  • ibr17xvii
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    No experience of the Hammerhead but I've had 2 Bolts & have had pretty much zero problems with them both.

    Worth breaking down into what functions you want most & going from there.
  • lochindaal
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    I had a Bolt and moved to Hammerhead as when using maps on the Bolt you couldn't move around the screen, only zoom in and out. I'm not sure if they've changed this on the latest colour version.
    For navigation, Hammerhead has been really good.
    For standard "numbers" both give you everything you probably need.
    What I would like on the hammerhead is an alert function which is currently missing
  • laurentian
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    I have no experience of either but a mate of mine who is absolutely. painstakingly fastidious in his research if buying anything that costs more than a pint has bought a Hamerhead. He is also very, very tech/data savvy due to his job and does an awful lot of pedalling. If I was in the market for something like this, the Hamerhead would be the one I'd go for purely on my mate's decision as he would have "asked more questions" than I could even think of before buying his.
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  • grenw
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    I used to have a Bolt. Had it pretty much from the day they brought it out. Great little thing but navigation is lacking so needed something new. Started looking last autumn

    I ended up with a Garmin Edge 830. A few years after swearing I'd never have another Garmin Edge

    - New Bolt was getting lots of bad reviews so I stayed away from that one
    - Hammerhead was a little too dear and a relatively untested
    - I've a Forerunner watch so was invested in Garmin Connect infrastructure

    This thing is light years away from the 510 I had a few years back. The only thing I miss from the Wahoo is the in app setup. Setting stuff up on the unit itself feels like a backward step.
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    I bought a Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS five years ago for £95, it's still working and gets used regularly, but when on rides that need navigation I use the Lezyne Mega XL I paid £135 for and available for not much more now.

    £359 for the Karoo2 at Wiggle. :o
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