What shoes and pedals

Ok I took the plunge titans bought a new bike, it’s a Ribble R872 Enthusiast 105. I could have ordered the pedals “Keo look classic 3” from them but can get them cheaper elsewhere, the guy also recommended the Shimano RC7 shoe but I’m open to suggestions.


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    Ignore the recommendation for shoes. Instead go to a shop and try several pairs of shoes on in a price range your happy with and buy the ones you find most comfortable.

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    ^^ This.

    Shoes are one thing you need to fit really properly. Support an LBS in this case and try first.

    Shimano shoes are fine, but fit is crucial. I can’t wear them for example, the shape they use is just wrong on my feet, too narrow across toes.
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    The Look pedals are a good call but yup, shoes very personal.

    look around, read some reviews then either AND buy from a shop or order a load online and return those you don't want.

    don't try on at a shop then buy online as its rude.
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  • Thanks for the replies, we I’ve ordered pedals and shoes from Sigma sports as they do free returns if not suitable.
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    Thanks for the replies, we I’ve ordered pedals and shoes from Sigma sports as they do free returns if not suitable.

    I'd really recommend going to a shop for shoes. That way you can compare how one brand feels against another. It's too easy to think a shoe fits when you don't try others at the same time and then, 50 miles into a ride you are in agony and have wastes £120.

    I am on my 3rd pair of Specialized shoes and still would not buy them online. My most recent, Torch 3, needed Spesh insoles to make them fit properly. My first pair were perfect out the box.

    I did buy winter boots online. Mavic were so narrow they almost cut the circulation. NorthWave have a much wider toe area allowing thicker socks and are comfy enough up to 60 miles. Winter mileage tends to be lower so that's OK.
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    Local bike shops round here are pretty sparse and wouldn't stock much of a range, so would go with MF advice to order online and try at home. That said, I was given a pair of Fizik shoes when I left my last job. Felt fine when trying them on at home, but cut my heels up really badly after an hour or so riding in them and had to sell them.

    I've had 5 pairs of Specialized shoes now and they work best for me (Currently got some Torch 2 and Torch 1).

    Whatever you go for, you can only be sure on comfort after doing a decent ride in them.
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    As above, go to a shop. Preferably one that measures you feet for length,width and arch height.
    I have some Lake 232s (wide fit) with G8 footbeds and they are very comfortable, athough quite expensive!

    As for cleat/pedal choice, never had an issue with SPD-SL.
    Bikes are OK, I guess... :-)

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    I can't do Shimano shoes, either so instead I recently chose Boardman carbon cycle shoes. I looked in my LBS but wasn't struck on what they offered this time.


    The Giros with SPD pedals/cleats I have been using are a good fit so I just ordered the same size (European).

    The Boardmans were also a comfortable fit from the start and I really like the easy to adjust ATOP lacing, which I don't need very tight.

    With the Boardmans I also bought Keo Classic 3s, (all from Halfords, best price, click and collect) and my first ride I just stuck the cleats to match as far possible the SPD positions. Bad idea, it's much better to find a good You Tube expert and do as they suggest. After they helped me get it right I was totally comfortable and can get more power than with my Giros (I use them on Zwift at the moment - longest ride 90 mins, 750m climbing. Also achieved a cadence record, 156 rpm, 487 watts, just to see.)

    Only downside is I wouldn't want to walk far on those cleats. I'll save the Giros for that sort of ride.