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    Oh I dream of broadband connections like that... lol.

    The street here has FTTN (cabinet in your speak) for everybody, and apparently it's good. Except our place is not connected and allegedly can't be, because it's just a fraction too far from the last node to be reliable.

    So, we're on wireless, and since we're the *only* home connected on it this side of the river, the service is slow and hasn't been upgraded in years.

    On a great day, I may get 25 MBpS. Most times it's 20 or less.

    I get 950 MBpS to the hub, 110MBpS upload.

    Then we spread the wifi around using a mesh, and a cat 6 cable run to Mrs H3's office at the end of the garden. 500-550 MBps downstairs, and in Mrs H3's office. 400-450 on first floor, 300-350 in the loft room. Upload speeds don't vary so much.

    I still feel hard done by that I lose so much from the hub to the wifi mesh.
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    I run a mesh system round the house, which just about copes with most of our browsing and music, but some of the streamed TV channels aren't so reliable.

    I tried using Tidal music streaming for a while here, to get the full "hifi" quality feed, but gave up because it would just stall, buffer, drop out and generally fail far too regularly, because my bandwidth was insufficient and poor latency.

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