Ride on A4303 or not?

Hi, I have a new job at Magna Park, Leicestershire. I have a route from Rugby that goes to the roundabout of the A5 and A4303 then there's 0.3 mile of the A4303 before it turns into Magna Park.

There's also 1.5 ml on the B4027 country lane with 50mph limit before the roundabout.

Are either parts too risky to ride?


  • The roundabout is the worst bit, the A road is not too bad... probably very slow going at rush hour anyway
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  • photonic69
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    If you have a car then drive the route a few times at the time of day you'd be riding it. Then you can decide for yourself if it feels safe to you.

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.

  • I seem to recall I did cycle that A road on a Sunday and it was deserted. As per previous, the only real hazard I see is the roundabout... you need to avoid riding too far outside, where they can't see you, or too far in, that tempt them to undercut you. Those big roundabouts need a bit of experience, if you have it already, then I don't think it's a dangerous commute.
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