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Best all round tyre

I do mainly knocking about on tarmac cycle paths but occasionaly go through forests on gravel tracks what Americans call fire roads I believe .

I have a Trek fx3 with 700c 32 on it and it's perfect has a little tread roles over tarmac almost like a road bike but will cope with the grit.

I have just got hold of a giant roam 2 as secondary bike ( because it was very good deal) but it has 700c 40 on it and very knobly proper cross trail of road tyres

I want to change these to something more all round still some tread and puncture proof but tarmac friendly .

After suggestions,thanks in advance


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  • John782John782 Posts: 5
    Could I go a bit thinner Thant the 40 on these rims do you think
  • You can read here about gravel bikes I use the Schwinn Sporterra Adventure for a few months. Pretty happy with it.
    If you mainly cycle on roads then watch this Youtube video. Just to understand whether you really need a gravel bike. .
  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 2,200
    Yup. The best tyres are round. All round.

    sorry - couldn't resist.
  • John782John782 Posts: 5

    Sophia asking for which tyres to put on a giant Roam not buying a gravel bike?
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    Hasn't the Roam just got Giant Crosscut tyres on it?
    If so, they are fine for the road. Just up the pressure a bit and away you go.
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