Wobbly Cassette

So I’ve switched out my son’s drive train. Changed from 9 speed to 10 speed. But I’m left with a wobbly cassette. Pretty sure I need to stick a spacer behind the cassette onto the freehub. I tried with a 2mm spacer but could get the last cog on. I’ve ordered a set that includes a 1mm and a 1.5mm spacer. I’m hoping this should solve it. But am I missing anything else?


  • reaperactual
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    edited March 2022
    I had to put a 1.85mm spacer on a road width freehub to fit an 11speed mtb cassette for the same reason.

    A narrower spacer width would do providing the small cog still sits a little bitfurther out from the end of the freehub which allows max thread engagement and proper tightening of the cassette without the lockring bottoming out first.
  • ed1973
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    Thought I’d give an update. Spacers were bought and tried but then did nothing. Turns out the cassette was wobbly due to a knackered freehub. Had to get the LBS to take the freehub off, then began the process of locating new one. Found one (eventually) on Amazon! It was a Raleigh freehub at only £11.99 bargain. Freehub purchased. Thanks Prime for next day. Fitted, greased and all working well. So the lad is back shreading the narr. Ha ha