GP5000 TR 30 vs Pro One TLR Addix 28

Hello, I want to install a new pair of all-rounder tires to a new set of Zipp 303 firecrest in a Specialized Roubaix 2021

- Continental CP 5000 TR, this is only avalaible at 30 mm at the moment
- Schwalbe Pro One TLR Addix, in 28 mm

By looking at some reviews Zipp 303 firecrest (25mm internal), adds like 3 mm

Am I going to find a noticeable difference between 30 vs 28 mm?

What tire do you guys think is better choice? I am not interested in other tires, only maybe the Eagle F1 as a third option.


  • webboo
    webboo Posts: 6,087
    I know nothing about the sizing. My experience of the GP 5000 is they don’t last very long compared to the defunct GP 4000.
  • i.bhamra
    i.bhamra Posts: 304
    I've used all three of the tryes you mention over the last few years (all tubeless on 21mm intenal width rims). They are all pretty good my experience is as follows.

    Schwalbe (28mm) supple, light and excellent grip but a little fragile wear really fast.

    Conti (also in 28mm) come up a little wider than the Schwalbe feel more comfortable, as grippy and a bit harder wearing.

    The Goodyear (30mm) similar width to the 28mm Contis on my rims may not feel quite as supple, but grip is good. The main advantage I found is they last much longer and in my case hold air better (generally use about 30mm) sealant and these don't appear to lose any pressure over a couple of weeks whilst both the Schwalbe and Conti's needed air topping up every 3-4 days.

    If price and availability are not of concern I'd go for the Continentals, but would take the Goodyears ahead of the Schwalbes, they are a little too fragile for my liking (and may also come up a little to narrow on your rims).