Young girl and pink bike conquer the roads (My Friend)

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Annie Nguyen cycled 2-3 times a week and jogged to improve fitness, keep fit and improve health.

Annie is a model and owner of a bakery in Ho Chi Minh City, cycling and jogging for nearly 2 years. Annie has been active since childhood, evading her family to join the high school girls' soccer team. She was still playing football until recently had to stop due to a knee injury. Growing up in Saigon to study and make a career, the young girl lost the habit of exercising in the urban rhythm of life.

The familiar rhythm of going to work until dark and coming home with a tired and exhausted body made the girl determined to change. Starting with the encouragement of a friend, Annie started jogging. Very humble beginnings. She jogged 2-3 km for the first two weeks around the park area in front of the Independence Palace. This familiarization step helps Annie form a habit and find joy in being active.

Short runs serve as the foundation for long-distance running challenges. The girl tried 10 km, 15 km and participated in several running races. Then Annie rode her bike. "I want more freedom, explore longer roads," the girl shared. The fitness background thanks to running helps her to cycle more smoothly.

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Annie joined Iron Man, cycling 90 km in Central.

Running, cycling changed Annie's life in a fun, colorful way. The girl feels her health improves, reduces the pain of minor colds when the weather changes. Better endurance so Annie can handle two jobs at the same time without feeling tired like before. As a photo model for office fashion brands, Annie has a slim and ladylike figure. Regular exercise helps her body become toned and full of life.

Family and friends always support her cycling, because after every cycling trip, her skin is sunburned, but Annie's bright and healthy smile makes everyone feel secure. Dad bought his daughter a fashionable bicycle that she loved. Since then, the young girl has been attached to the pink bicycle on many roads.

The girl loves the feeling of taking the car out of the house every morning, pressing the pedal and gliding through the streets of Saigon. Exercise gives her a feeling of escaping from the daily busyness. On the bike, Annie focused, only focused on regulating her breath and plying the wheel.

Long bike rides take her away from the bustling city. Once with a pink bicycle, Annie crossed 155 km from Ho Chi Minh City to Lagi, Binh Thuan. She also went to charity with a beautiful car instead of a car. Each trip is a new experience for her to better understand herself, the physical limitations that need to be overcome or how to regulate her breathing to go far.

Annie also participates in running challenges. In September 2017, she participated in the Vietnam Mountain Marathon in Sapa with a distance of 21 km. In March this year, she ran the Dalat Ultra trail race 42 km. In April, Annie participated in Tu Lan Advanture Race, a nature conquest with boat racing, forest jogging, rock climbing, river crossing, streams and cave exploration in Quang Binh. The contest helped her connect with new friends who later became close companions.

Summer 2018, Annie participated in IronMan Da Nang 70.3. This is a famous triathlon competition for its extremes. Athletes have to conquer the challenge of swimming 1.9 km by sea, 2 cycling cycles of 90 km and running 21 km. Annie participated in the 90 km bicycle race with a time of 3 hours 26 minutes. The bike malfunctioned twice and had to be stopped, making her 6 minutes behind the target.

Before participating in the challenge, the girl spent weeks practicing, trying to ride a 40-60 km bike to get used to the pace of the competition and gain momentum. Cycling between jogging sessions helps Annie increase endurance and improve speed. She cycled about 2-3 times a week combined with jogging sessions about 10 km.

When it is not possible to cycle far, Annie exercises at home with a biketrainner to increase her fitness. Not having much experience in this field, the girl is fortunate to be supported by a friend who is a coach, sharing each small technique to start practicing correctly.

Annie plans to participate in the Vietnam Mountain Marathon in Sapa on September 22 with a distance of 42 km. She will also be present at the Laan Ultra Trail race in Da Lat in early November. These days Annie is arranging work to practice regularly before the tournament.

Annie Nguyen real name is Nguyen My Dung, born in 1986, height 1.65 m, weight 49 kg, living in Ho Chi Minh City.