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F Moser bike questions

Hi there
Some qs re this bike
- model
- year
- where made
- type of steal for frame
- value - bought for 400
- what to do about the rust in photos those small patches ? Clean ? With what ? Paint ?
- what about other general maintenance and cleaning / restoring for this bike ?


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 27,138
    On the Deda label it says what type of steel.
    It's around 1990... model is irrelevant, I don't think Moser frames had a "model" as such. Probably made in Italy, somewhere in Trentino region.
    It's worth around the same money you paid, give or take...
    The rust patches, light sanding with high grade sandpaper, then cover with a primer/paint of the closest colour you can find
  • MattFalleMattFalle Posts: 10,096
    or nail varnish.

    its pretty though, don't let anyone take that away from you.
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,895
    Deda 'Zero Tre' tubing is basically just pretty standard 4130 cro-mo. Nothing special. Looks like a nice machine though...
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