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Mixing caliper and brake levers?

Just converted my gravel bike from drop bar to flat bar - long story combination of age / fitness (lack of) and recurring back injury meant I wanted to be more upright and even with the shortest stem and most amount of spacers I could fit the drops were still just not as comfortable as my old Jones bar that I tested.

Anyway completed the conversion - Way more comfortable as I am basically bolt upright now! However have a issue with brakes, front brake is fine but back brake is not quite right.

Despite having the right adapter for my flat mount frame and original 160mm rotor I cannot get a nice fit. I have managed to make it work by filing down the edges of the rear end of the adapter but its basically touching the frame and I don't dare file any more - the adapter is only alu. I took it for a test ride around the park and it seems very solid but I don't like the fact the adapter is basically right up against the frame. Its a carbon frame so not sure if that is gonna cause a problem over time.

So my question is given that Clarks Clout use mineral oil same as Shimano if I get a cheap flat mount shimano caliper can I re-use the Clarks lever and hose screwed straight into the Shimano caliper? Obvs I know I will need to re-bleed but would it work?

I don't want to run a complete Shimano rear brake as it would mean mis-matched levers and nor do I want to replace both brakes as that would be costly (and wasteful).

Alternatively anyone know of any decent machine shops that could make me a custom bracket out of stainless

Any thoughts?


  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,185
    edited February 2022
    I assume those Clout brakes are very similar to Shimano in every other way including interchangeable (or probably exactly the same) mineral fluid type, hoses and bore diameters. I'm guessing probably a closer match to a BH59 rather than BH90 hose?

    The Clout hose connection is a one piece olive and insert, not to say it won't fit but I'd be more confident of a good connection using a Shimano BH59 olive and insert hose fitting with a Shimano caliper.
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